Profoto 901024 D1 Air 500 Monobloc -Black

Best reviews of Profoto 901024 D1 Air 500 Monobloc -Black

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Built-in reflector 7 f-stop power range
  • Short recycling times
  • Short flash duration
  • Connect to your PC or Mac with Profoto Studio Air software

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The Profoto D1 Air 500 w/s Monolight is a significant refinement of the ComPact monolight series from the company which having become synonymous with professional strobe lighting, is now celebrating its 40th anniversary. No stone has been left unturned in the provision of tech and convenience features that seem to derive from professional photographers feet wish lists. The sleek matte-black, high-impact polycarbonate finish encases strobe design that goes beyond the highly visible LED readout and is digital from the ground up. The 7 stop power range breaks down to 1/10 stop increments providing flexibility, precision and consistency, made possible by dual mode SMPS capacitor charging. A new built-in 77 degree reflector (5.12″ diameter) maximizes case space and is ideal for umbrella and softbox use. Features that we feetve come to expect from Profoto over the years: short flash duration, rapid recycling, a bright 300W modeling lamp and heavy-duty cabling are all on-board. Modeling lamp operation is user-selectable: On/Off/Proportional and Free (manual). There is also a selectable flash confirmation (dimming) feature in addition to an audible, fully-recycled tone. The D1 is compatible with the full line of widely-acclaimed Profoto light-shaping tools. Finally, the self-sensing multi-voltage circuitry allows you to take the D1 anywhere in the world. New lightweight design with durable polycarbonate shell and built-in 77 degree umbrella; Self-sensing multi-voltage capability. Take the famous Profoto quality of light anywhere in the world; High-visibility LED readout with 7 stop range in precise 1/10th stop increments; 300W modeling lamp for a high ambient level on set and easy pre-visualization of final shot; Rapid recycling insures that fleeting gestures and defining moments are caught, not lost; Super-short flash duration (1/1400 – 1/3700 sec.) provides crisp, action-stopping images, especially valuable for dance, sports and other highly kinetic subjects

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Profoto 901024 D1 Air 500 Monobloc -Black


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